The University of Southampton

We run a seminar series within the department and also co-organise events with external partners. Please get touch if you are a member of the university and  want to attend our seminar series. Our general events are listed below.

Machine Intelligence Showcase 2019

Machine Intelligence experts will demonstrate the latest advances from revolutionary new technologies in a packed showcase event at the University of Southampton.

A distinguished panel of AI pioneers and government chiefs will discuss the research field’s expected impact on the UK economy and the necessary strategies to fulfil this potential at the all-day event, hosted by the University’s Centre for Machine Intelligence (CMI). The showcase takes place on Tuesday 22nd of October 2019. 

Machine Intelligence, which includes the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems, is using science to build a safer and smarter society. Researchers from Southampton’s School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) are leaders in several pioneering live projects and outlined the latest progress before an audience of around 200 industry attendees, government representatives and academic peers in our last year's event.

24th June 2019 - Data Infrastructures for the AI Economy

With attendees ranging from researchers, local authorities, SMEs and large corporates the event brough together a line up of lightning talks and breakout sessions dealing with the cutting edge challenges and opportunities of AI and how we can work together. Breakout sessions included Data Bias and Inclusion in AI; Privacy, Law and AI; Data Provenance and Governance; and Data Sharing Platforms – technological, legal and ethical challenges.

In line with the UK’s Industrial Strategy, we’re keen to foster academic-industry partnerships with a socio-technical angle and will be providing seed-funding opportunities for building collaborative teams from the sparks of shared interest we hope to generate at the event.  Attendees included the Office for AI, Southampton Connect, Hampshire County Council, Shell and a number of local SMEs.

Dr. Jonathon Hare opening the symposium

13th May : Symposium on Interdisciplinary Machine Learning

Across many disciplines at the university of Southampton, there is interest in the applications of machine learning to scientific research. The symposium on interdisciplinary machine learning was a morning event designed to bring together researchers and facilitate a discussion about this growing field. Talks covered a range of topics from archeology to biology with a view to understanding the benefits provided by machine learning and their limitations. The event attracted over 200 sign-ups and talks were well received by the audience

Speaker list:

  • Dr Jonathon Hare: Intorduction to the CMI and Machine Learning at Southampton
  • Professor Adam Prügel-Bennett: What can Machine Learning do for you?
  •  Xin Du: Applications Based on Cascade Learning
  • Iris Kramer: Machine Learning for Archeology
  • Greg Parkes: Using Machine Learning in Medicine
  • Dr Patrick Stumpf: Mapping Cell Idenitities from Mouse to Man

27th February 2019 CMI PhD Evening and intro to the MINDS CDT

The CMI PhD evening consisted of a series of talks detailing the PhD process, and specific areas of interest across the different core Machine Intelligence Research Groups within ECS. In particular, we introduced the new Centre for Doctoral Training on Machine Intelligence and Nano-Electronic Devices  (MINDS CDT) and the opportunities to get involved with this exciting training programme. 


26th October 2018 - Machine Intelligence Showcase

The Machine Intelligence Showcase was a great success. Head over to the event page to find out who was speaking and to watch the showcase video!

 CMI evening on Machine Learning - 21/06/2018

 When you read about AI in the news, you're more likely than not to actually be reading about a new advancement in Machine Learning. In the past 10 years, machine learning has started to find its way into everyday technology and revolutionise both products and industry.  The CMI evening on machine learning attracted over 150 attendees including members of the public, students, and researchers. Talks from industry and academia were well received by the audience and led to very exciting discussions at the end.

Speakers included

  • Dr Jonathon Hare, ECS - what machine learning can and can't do
  •  Professor Mahesan Niranjan, ECS - the reality of machine learning
  •  Professor Adam Prügel-Bennett, ECS - Title TBC
  •  Dr Honor Powrie, GE Aviation - GE Aviation Commercial Engines - ML Applications
  •  Dr Kate Farrahi, ECS - IoT and Health related applications of ML
  •  Dr Srinandan Dasmahapatra, ECS - Computational Biology
  • Oliver Tearle - AI Corporation - Practical Card Fraud Detection


The panel session received many questions about the use of data from the NHS and other questions around the techniques used to manage large datasets.

The evening closed with a very successful networking session. 

CMI Evening on Robots and their use in Warfare - 02/05/2018

We held an evening seminar on Robots and their use in Warfare on the 2nd of May. With over 130 signups, the event was a great success. World experts in the legal aspects of warfare, Prof. Christian Enemark and Dr. Regina Rauxloh gave an overview of the key legal, moral, and ethical considerations. Dr. Andrea Munafo from the National Oceanography Centre, along with Dr. Tarapore and Dr. Ramchurn from ECS, then provided an overview of the capabilities built into the next generation of autonomous systems, whether under-water, ground, or aerial. The evening concluded with a networking session that we hope will bring many more collaborations across the University via the CMI.


AI and Ethics Evening - 21/03/2018

CMI organised an evening of talks on Artificial Intelligence and the ethical and societal challenges associated with large scale use of such technology. The evening consisted of a number of talks by leading academics within the Centre for Machine Intelligence as well as guests from leading tech companies. Prof. Chris Reed from Dundee and Dr. Isabel Sargent from Ordnance Survey were guest speakers.

We had over 60 attendees from within the University, industry, and the general public. The panel led to a number of questions raised around the use of argumentation machines to discuss ethical questions, the use of AI in defence and how we can work with policy makers to develop regulation for autonomous systems.


Prof. Steven Meers

CMI Phd Evening - 07/03/2018

The event was a great success with over 60 signups and  a number of talks detailing topics in AI, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Systems as well as funding opportunities. 

The  networking part generated great interactions between students, academics and existing PhD students. 
Paul Lewin, head of ECS, opening the the first CMI event.

01/02/2018 -  AI and Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges

This first open event organised by the CMI attracted over 100 attendees from across ECS, the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, as well as industry and the general public. The event was sponsored by Oxford Innovation and was an exciting mix of both academic presentations and hands-on use-case discussions from industry.