The University of Southampton

Research | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Autonomous Systems

Our core focus areas are Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, and Machine Learning. 

Aiming for Human-Level Intelligence

From Agent-based Computing to Game theory, we work on theoretical and practical Artificial Intelligence solutions to decision making, coordination, computer vision, and optimisation problems.

Robotics at Scale

We build our own swarms of robots and research algorithms to ensure they work efficiently and safely in dynamic and uncertain environments. We work with major defence and civilian organisations to deploy and test our solutions.

Learning from Data

From Deep Learning to Multi-Armed bandits, we develop sophisticated machine learning algorithms that can ingest terabytes of data and churn out high-value insights. Applications include health, defence, and energy management.

Artificial Intelligence


Ground-level environmental monitoring is currently limited to small scale studies due to the cost, usability and power efficiency of available remote monitoring equipment. Read more about Peter and Andy's work on this research project.

Leading the Charge

AI researchers have designed a new pricing system based on online auction platforms, to make charging electric vehicles more effective.

New models of Data Sharing

Read about Prof. mc shraefel's work on developing concepts to envision and shape the IoT as a consentful, human-centred space.

Machine Learning

Leading the world in gait biometrics

Using computer vision techniques, our pioneering work in gait biometrics has had a significant impact on public policy, national security processes, forensic service practice and the economy.

Distributed Analytics and Information Science ITA

We are working on a $100M research programme on distributed analytics and information science (DAIS ITA). Together with partners from academia, industry and government, we are developing the fundamental science of future information systems.

The IoT Observatory

The IoT Observatory aims to provide a secure data sharing infrastructure for analytics by supporting the discovery and use of data resources for innovative applications in a way that ensures publishers keep control of who accesses their data.

Autonomous Systems

Multi-UAV Platform

DSTL-funded Human-Machine teaming technology developed by Southampton researchers for emergency response and defence applications.

Intelligent Home Heating Control

We have designed heating control algorithms for the future smart homes that will be instrumented with sensors throughout and will be aware of the environmental conditions as well as the human activities within them.