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The Centre for Machine Intelligence was initiated by the department of Electronics and Computer Science and is a centre of expertise for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Systems. We work with industry, policy makers, and the general public to address both national and global challenges.

Centre for Machine Intelligence Board

Haiming Liu

Dr Haiming Liu is an Associate Professor at the WAIS research Group of ECS. Haiming specialises in understanding users’ preferences and behaviours during their information access processes.

Corina Cirstea

Corina Cirstea is a lecturer and holds a DPhil in Computation from the University of Oxford (2000). She was the holder of a Junior Research Fellowship in Computer Science at St. John's College Oxford prior to joining Southampton.

Jonathon Hare

Jonathon's research interests lie in the area of multimedia data mining, analysis and retrieval, with a particular focus on large-scale multimodal approaches. This research area is at the convergence of machine learning and computer vision.

Shiyan Hu

Shiyan is a Professor in Cyber-Physical System Security and the director of Cyber Security Academy. His main research interests include cyber-physical system security, and machine learning for cyber-physical systems.

Kate Farrahi

Kate is an assistant professor focused on machine learning, particularly deep learning, often applied to health-related applications. She is interested in developing machine learning techniques to address novel sensor-driven healthcare problems.

Luis-Daniel Ibáñez

Luis-Daniel is a Lecturer. He has interests in Data Science support systems including Dataset Search and Data Mining and analysis for non-experts

Steering Committee

The members of the committee include respected academics and representatives from Industry. Under their guidance, the CMI aims to broaden its impact and reach out to communities employing machine intelligence in their research and practice. Our current members are:

  • Themis Prodromakis 
  • Stephen Prior
  • Steve Beeby
  • Tim Norman
  • Michalis Zervas
  • Koushik Maharatna


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